Pocket Calories 2016

Cut down on calories and lose weight!

Easy to use app! Cut down on calories and lose weight!

Do you want to lose weight? This powerful dieting tool can help you! Measure your body's progress against weight loss goals!

It is very easy! Your body burns calories every day. The amount of naturally burnt calories is calculated. Now you only take in as many calories each day, as you want to. You decide for yourself how many calories you want to take in by adding your desired weight and the weeks within which you want to reach this weight.

Full scope: The app is free of advertising. There are no In-App purchases. No account needed. You got the full product.

Ideal for athletes: You can set your Daily Energy Requirement (BMR).

And this is how it works:

* enter your data (age, gender, weight)
* decide on your desired weight
* report now daily how many kcal you have taken in (calories can be found on food packaging)
* report how many many kcal you have burnt through exercise
* the app displays your personal calorie limit in real time
* enjoy every day and lose weight effortless!


* Easy-to-use graphical dashboard
* Easy storage of your kcal records
* Easy addition of notes to each records
* Easy add, edit or delete records
* Easy-to-use on a daily basis: Set favorites for fast saving kcal records
* Ability to record daily weight
* Real time calculation
* Timeline included: View current and past food, activity and weight logs
* Diary included
* Visualization in graphs and statistics
* Nutritional (kcal) database included
* Ability to quickly search food items
* Inch or metric system
* No account needed

Additionally, the app evaluates how many calories you have burnt in the past days and how successful you have been! Check out the timeline!

There is an easy and comfortable storage of your calories measurements. Change values by simplified scrolling timeline and tap on a day to see diary details.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or criticism please don't hesitate to inform us.

How we handle health data?
This app will not send any data from you to us. We do not collect your precise health data or any other information about you or your device.

The information within this app should not be considered medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional.


Pocket Calories 2016

Cut down on calories and lose weight!

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